A Guide To Instagram Video Ads And How To Make Them

In this technological era, where everything is just a touch away and digital marketing on the rise, we as digital marketers have a tonne of alternatives to choose from, and one such alternative is  Instagram video ads. With a user base of more than a million people daily logging in from around the globe, Instagram has become much more than just a social media platform.

The company’s advertising platform has evolved and matured over the years since its launch in 2015. New updates and additions such as merchandise tagging, stories with web links, short ad videos, and more have established Instagram as a major contender in the advertisement business. You can use a free slideshow maker to effortlessly merge your photos, videos, or even songs into a single clip.

In this blog, we will be discussing the platform’s increasing video ads feature. Instagram offers 5 different types of video formats to its users, so let us understand each one of them in a little detail.

  1. Instagram Stories

One of the most common and widely used formats is the Instagram stories that usually popup between the user’s stories. These stories have a duration of 15 seconds with the web link embedded, and users swipe up to interact with it.

Do make sure the thumbnail is attractive and appeals to the targeted audience, and the video is appealing and relatable. Try to connect with the audience as much as possible.

  1. In-feed Video Ads

As the name suggests, these ads appear in the user’s feed, the area where everyone arrives as soon as they open Instagram. These ads make or break the deal- if the ad is not engaging, people will just scroll away without even giving a second thought.

On the other hand, these ads can enhance your brand value and draw consumers in if they can hit that sweet spot and grab the user’s attention. You can consider them as movie trailers, and if the trailer is not good, nobody will show up in the theatres. So be sure you utilize the 60 seconds in the most efficient way you can and connect with the audience.

  1. Instagram Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are a bunch of scrollable images or videos (generally a maximum of 10 images per ad). The users can see your ad and can swipe through all the pictures and videos. Instagram Carousel is a great option for those promoters who sell a range of products and want to showcase more than 1 product to their audience.

It also gives the promoters a lot of room to work with, as they can show a bunch of features or aspects of their products.

  1. Instagram Canva ads

These are interactive, full-screen ads presented in a highly immersive way. Canva ads present the advertisers with a tonne of opportunities to design crisp and innovative ads that tempt users to click on them. The webpage is linked with them, so the users can stay on the app itself.

This can help boost traffic on your webpage and improve your reach among the audience. These Canva ads can be seen on Instagram stories ads.

As Canva ads take up the whole screen, try to capture as much audience attention you can by including enticing images of your products.

Bonus tip- try an invitation maker that can help you in designing attractive invitation pages for your ads.

  1. Instagram TV ( IGTV)

Launched in 2018, Instagram TV, or more popularly known as IGTV is a standalone app (can be used with Instagram as well) that allows users to set up their channels and share videos. These are different from IG stories, as IGTV videos can be an hour-long in duration.

For expanding your reach, it’s essential to design videos that your audience can relate to, which in turn will help build your community and raise awareness towards your brand.

Try creating videos that are longer than 20 seconds but are under 10 minutes as longer videos tend to drive people away. You can show behind the scene stuff or interviews that tell your product’s story. Try to stand out from the crowd as people relish fresh concepts.

With the boring setup out of the way, let us understand how you can create the ads.

Ways You Can Design Lucrative Video Ads.

  1. Try Thinking Like A Customer, Not The Seller

Initial impressions are crucial.

Go in with a bang, as viewers don’t prefer dull openers. As people quickly scroll through their feeds, your ad must give them something to be around and win their attention. The opening seconds should show off your product so that the user immediately gets hooked on to watch more.

Advertise your brand

Try featuring your brand’s logo in the opening scenes of your video, as it will help in improving your brand recognition. Brand logos act as a symbol, and mentioning them will help people in understanding who you are before they scroll away.

Show off your merchandise.

Now is the time to explain to your watchers how or why your product can serve them or is propitious. If it’s complex or lacks value, they’ll instantly lose concern and turn to something else.

  1. Concentrate On Increasing Consumer Engagement And Build Experiences

Use Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the window to your video or ads, so your thumbnail should be captivating and attract users to see your video. Try incorporating an appropriate thumbnail as this is what the users first interact with.

Captions are important

As most of the people prefer watching videos on mute, having captions can be a game-changer. You can hook your viewers in with dynamic text effects, but try keeping the text to a minimum and ensure subtlety.

Entrancing CTA

CTA’s or calls to action should be concise and on point. This will enable users to understand what you want them to do. Try incorporating words like buy, shop, subscribe, etc. in your CTA.

A good sense of humor never goes out of fashion.

After a hectic day, people want to relax and loosen up. What else can be better than a good old joke or something that makes people laugh? If your ads can make them smile, they will come back for more.

  1. Try Experimenting

See for yourself

As the majority of Instagram users check Instagram on their smartphones, your ads should be smartphone-friendly and should allow a seamless view.

To the point 

Keep your ads or videos to the point and avoid beating around the bush as a brief but captivating ad tends to capture more audiences.

Don’t Overplay it

Try finding a sweet middle spot for your videos as you don’t want to overdo it so that it is also superficial while also preserving the quality of your ads.

Experiment with all the video ads

One of the famous sayings is “the more, the merrier,” and you should incorporate this in your ad-making as well. Try designing different versions of your ads and comparing them to understand what works and which ones need to be tweaked.

Back To You

Practice the above-mentioned methods for yourself, and don’t be shy in experimenting with new ideas. For better results, you should keep an eye on the performance and engagement rates of your videos as it helps you both statistically as well as know what type of contents are working. Till then, Happy Advertising!

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