Audio to Text Converter Online: 5 Benefits for Business

Nowadays, AI has taken over large parts of most business processes that were previously done manually. Most businesses use AI to increase productivity and efficiency. All industries are using AI to maximize their outputs while minimizing their inputs. One no longer needs to work in the tech industry to enjoy the benefits of artificial intelligence. That’s why tech companies are looking for ways to apply AI in different industries, with transcription being one of them.

audio to text converter online

Converting audio files to text using AI has many benefits. These include:

1. Accessibility

If your goal is to reach out to a larger audience, don’t overlook individuals who depend on transcripts to enjoy recorded content. Transcribing your content creates a better user experience for a larger portion of your audience. Transcribing audio to text makes your content more appealing to the following groups of people:

  • Those individuals who have hearing problems
  • People who are not native speakers of your language.
  • Those individuals who prefer reading to listening podcasts.
  • Busy people or researchers who only need a section of your content.
  • Individuals who are in a noisy or office environment where they cannot listen to audios.

2. Discoverability (SEO)

Transcription makes your content searchable and helps more people discover your content by using search engines. Moreover, transcripts also makes your content rank higher in search engines. This is because Google can crawl through your content because it’s in text form. Providing a transcript of your content will allow Google to find and rank it based on the keywords used.

3. Repurpose content

A recording is simply a primary source for other forms of digital content. Just as an audio is one of the richest content format when it comes to repurposing potential, transcribed content is a fantastic basis for content repurposing. Transcribed content makes it easier to generate social media content and articles within a short period. It also makes it easier to turn podcasts into infographics, tweetable quotes, or even expanding and combining the content to create a comprehensive guide.

4. Increase shares

As more people on social media find your content, they’re more likely to share it. Using online audio to text converters makes it easy for your fans to share your thoughts and insights with others. It also makes the content more appealing to your audience by creating a better user experience, which will encourage more users to share it.

Converting audio files to text also makes it easier to copy and paste your insights and content. This comes in handy for the users who may want to share a small snippet of your content rather than the entire audio.

5. Delight your audience

By providing your audience more than just one way of consuming your content, your audience can choose to listen or read through your content. The point is, it is up to them to decide on what suits them, as long as you’ve made your content available both formats. Because of different reasons, not everyone loves consuming audio-based content every time. This is why you should transcribe audio to text to help these type of users.

Audext For business

Audext brings Artificial Intelligence technology to the transcription industry. Audio to text converter online has incorporated AI into its automated speech recognition software, a feature that provides users final outputs within a brief time. The final results are of the highest accuracy with correct spellings of complicated terms and phrases.

Audext can be used for transcribing interviews, press conferences, podcasts, voice memos, and voice recordings. This service can also be used by medical practitioners, advertising agencies and-Content marketers. After transcription is done, the user can edit the output text using the editor on the website, and each word is usually tied up to the exact audio moment in a way that a click on the word audio will play from this moment.

The AI software can also identify speakers and structure the transcription text according to how the speakers talk. On the other hand, Audext neither transcribes video files nor converts word/text to audio. The software is also NOT a generator, and it cannot transcribe audio with lots of background noise. It’s of no doubt that the countless benefits of transcription for business owners are undeniable. As an online business mogul, transcription will not only boost the ranking and popularity of your site; it will also give your audience much better user experience.

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