Ensure Secure Browsing on Your Mobile – Are you safe?

Ensure Secure Browsing on Your Mobile – Are you safe?

If you’re like most modern people, you spend hours to connect to your smartphone, browsing the web and using your favorite apps. But with the threat of so much malware and viruses out there, how do we keep our data and devices safe? Though the antivirus installed in the smartphone can safeguard you from different web-based threats, it doesn’t protect you from others trying to access your device.

Different kinds of web-based threats

If you judge them by the reasoning, the threats for smartphones are similar to those of the computers. The cybercriminals just adapt the virus for mobile and hence as long as online security is concerned, mobile phone antivirus is equally important as on your computer. If you don’t know the few types of threats that can affect your mobile, here are few to take note of:

  • Unsafe links: There are several malicious links which when linked can redirect you to the sites which are designed by cybercriminals and which are full of viruses. Then there are phishing links which are sent by emails and which direction you unsafe websites.
  • Browser exploits: Regardless of the operating system which runs on your smartphone, cybercrooks are always looking forward to finding out the vulnerabilities to exploit. They target applications which can be launched by PDF reader, Flash Player or image viewer.

Using a VPN on your mobile phone to ensure security

VPN is a virtual private network which can be safely used with smartphones as well, but you may be at risk if you fail to choose a reliable or trustworthy VPN service. According to VPN analysis CloudWedge, all the leading VPNs provide mobile apps. VPNs usually add an extra layer of security when you browse so that you may rest assured that there are no prying eyes on your phone which is watching what you’re doing. As we all are too much dependant on mobile phones, it is indeed necessary to use a VPN on your mobile phone to ensure 100% safety.

So, as VPNs encrypt data which leaves your device, they offer you the benefit of getting a private network even when you’re in public. Hence, you should install a VPN service for both your desktop and mobile phone to remain 100% safe online.


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