Fix ‘An unknown network error has occurred’ on Instagram

An Unknown Network Error Has Occurred fix for Instagram. If you are also an Instagram user and facing the same issue, then you have landed at the right place. As Instagram is one of the leading social platforms and there are more than 400 million daily active users of Instagram.

If you are a regular user of Instagram, then you might have come across An unknown network error has occurred error. This error appears when you try to Login your Instagram account. This is a common error and can appear at any time while logging in to Instagram via the application.

There are no such specific reasons for this error, and there are no hard & fast rules to fix this error. You can easily get rid of this error by following some easy steps. Generally, this error appears because of some network issues and can be easily fixed. This error appears only on Instagram mobile application, and if you Login via the Instagram’s website then you will not face this error.

So if you are also facing this error then you need not to worry here we have shared some of the cool steps to get rid of this error. If you are facing Sorry, there was a problem with your request error then you need to read this guide from here.

an unknown network error has occurred

Fix An Unknown Network Error Has Occurred

There are various methods to get rid of this error, and these methods are just easy fixes. You can follow these methods one by one, and I hope that any one of them will work for you and you will get rid of this error easily.

Method #1: Restart Your Mobile

The very first and easiest way to get rid of Instagram Unknown Error is by restarting your mobile phone. Simply keep pressing Power Button on your device and click on Reboot. Once you have restarted the device open Instagram application and enter your Login credentials. Boom! You will no longer face Unknown Network Error.

Method #2: Check Internet Connection

Sometimes this error can occur because of your Internet connection also. If you are having a bad Internet connection or having slow speed, then there is the chance that you will end up facing this error while login to the Instagram application.

So the easy fix is that you need to change your Internet connection and try Loggin In again with another Internet connection. If you are using the Wifi network, then turn off your router for 5 minutes and restart the connection. After that login to your Instagram account and you will successfully be logged in.

Method #3: Clear Data & Cache

Here comes the main solution to this error. If none of the above methods have worked for you, then I’m pretty sure that this method will work for you sure. Sometimes cache files of the Instagram application can also cause this error, and the easiest way to fix that is via clearing the cache files on Instagram.

  • Go to Settings > Applications of your mobile phone,
  • Look for the Instagram application.
  • Click on it.
  • Then click on the Clear Cache button.
  • After that tap on Clear Data.
  • Now open Instagram again.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Boom! You will be logged in.

Method #4: Check Date & Time of Device

If Date & Time of your mobile phone is not set properly, then there can be An Unknown Network Error Has Occurred issue on the Instagram application. So, here what you need to do is simply open Settings on your mobile phone and go to Date & Time section. Set Date & Time option to automatic and save the settings.

Method #5: Update the Instagram App

Unfortunately, if any of the above methods have not worked for you then here is another fix for you to get rid of this error is that if your Instagram application is not updated to the Latest version, then you need to update it to the Latest Version.

Open Google Play Store on your mobile phone and search for the Instagram application. Click on the Update button and let the Instagram get updated completely. Once the update is completely open the app and Login to your Instagram account.

Method #6: Check Instagram Server

If any of the above methods have not worked you then the issue is most probably with the Instagram’s server. If the Instagram server is down, then you will face Unknown Network Error, and there is nothing you can do about this to fix the error.

This error would be fixed only when Instagram’s server is up, and working fine. To find whether the Instagram server is down or not. You can check that by visiting DownDetector website. If it shows Instagram is down, then you just have to wait till Instagram’s server is up again.

Final Words:

So, here comes the end of this article. If you are also getting An Unknown Network Error Has Occurred Error then this is the perfect guide for you to fix this error. This is just a common error and can be fixed easily by following above shared method.

If you are having any query related to Instagram, then please feel free to contact us we are here to help you 24×7 hassle free. If you loved this article, then you can share it with your friends and spread the awesome words.

55 thoughts on “Fix ‘An unknown network error has occurred’ on Instagram”

  1. Hi I have tried all the above & felted & reinstalled Insta but still getting the same ‘unknown network error ‘ it’s been 2 days now.
    Any other suggestions?

  2. Hi, I’ve been facing the same problem. Tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the app, it didn’t work. Then I went to the settings and reset the app preferences before restarting my phone… that still didn’t help! What should I do?? I’m feeling so scared!!!

  3. Wow me ha funcionado! Muchisimas gracias! Mi problema en particular era que tenia la fecha erronea, ejemplo hoy es 18/01/2019 y mi telefono tenia fecha 04/01/2019, modifique la fecha y ya no me arroja el error! Gracias amigo

  4. Thank you. I was wondering if you also know how to delete an old Instagram account? I don’t have the password so can’t log on and delete it. It’s somehow linked to my Facebook account and has my FB photo. I think I created it by mistake when trying to create the one I actually use.

  5. It is still showing the same thing… I did all the things written here correctly. Please do something about it. I have a strong Instagram base and I need to open it ASAP.

  6. I tried all of the suggestions: first uninstalled and reinstalled the app (actually got an error message saying that the app couldn’t be installed, but then it was), restarted my phone, cleared the cache, turned off wifi to use data, restarted phone again, and … nothing.

  7. Well, that’s a remarkably useless and frustrating guide, given that the comments section reflects my own experience of not finding a fix here. Nice. (one hand clap)

  8. I try and log back into my account,it says there is an error and to try agin I try agin and IT DOESNT WORK I’m so rage please help ASAP!!!

  9. hi i have tried all of the above and it still does not work.
    talking over insta is the only way more or less that i talk to my cousins to please help

  10. Try using a VPN to login…
    It worked for me..
    It was most probably the network connection…
    I understand that this problem is disasterous so..this might help..

  11. I’ve use all the steps above but I’m getting the message again, also I can’t log in with any other phone, please help

  12. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app, deleting cache, deleting other apps to free up space and restarting my phone and I still can’t login to any of my accounts. Any other suggestions?

  13. So it’s looking like this isnt helping people considering how many comments have stated so. Maybe actually respond to the comments and let us know any other ways we can fix this? Bc I tried all of this and it still won’t work for me. Instagram literally had no reason to stop working yet… it has.

  14. All ive got to say is that Instagram is broke and it would eventually fix for your device In a few weeks which is too long. I was dealing with the same issue about 2 or 3 months ago and one day I tried again and it worked ….now today I was still logged in and it wouldn’t refresh my feed….
    Now the first time I’ve experienced this issue was when one of my accounts got banned …I’ve heard if you have an account in your device that gets banned then they would block your device,but now I’m confused because I just recently got this device and I didn’t get an account banned and I was still logged in….to my opinion they need to come out with a new social media because I’m tired of Instagrams bullshit

  15. none of this worked for me. and i tried turning my wifi off an using mobile internet and it still didn’t work. I uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared the cache, but nothing is working

  16. My error keeps showing up. Got in once, but then non of my feed would load…lol idk what to do, I’m logged out again, and the unknown network error continues to show up. Any suggestions…its been a couple hours…but idk if its gonna prolong for months. I hope not

  17. I have tried all of theses ways. My facebook wont connect. My phone number wont connect. I have reset my password five times. I have tried the username. I dont really post or talk to anyone. So I am very doubtful I have been banned. It has been a month now.

  18. Hi
    Tried all the above methods with no luck, the same message apperas on the web and as well as in the app.
    Is there any other possible sollution.

  19. I can’t login to error is occurring as an unknown error has occurred.what’s this?how can i fix it again?do should responsible for those.I’ve tried a lot but still cannot get through.I want a quick solution.

  20. Same is the problem with me.. I’m unable to login into my account. Its showing error everytime. I’ve done everything mentioned above

  21. restarted my galaxy note and went to the app settings to clear the Instagram cache and I was able to log in immediately after doing this.

  22. I have done all the mentioned steps, still no joy, it has been over 3 months now, every so often I attempt all the steps above ie uninstall and reinstall, turning mobile off and on, different connection methods, different networks, still getting the same error, giving up now 😩 and will use friends accounts, I still get emails to say I have new followers!! Just can’t access!!

  23. Hii,
    I am experiencing this problem when I want to edit my profile or bio or want to change my private account to the public. Is this going to last forever??
    Please please help me

  24. Yo I had the same problem and found that trying to log in with VPN fixes it

    The error message seems to be a connection issue (at least in my case)


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