7 Ways to Fix ‘Sorry, Something Went Wrong’ Error Instagram

We all use Instagram to share photos & videos with our followers, and now Instagram has stories feature also in which you can share your moments with friends for a span of 24 hours same as Snapchat. Instagram is bringing lots of new features in every update and trying to make the user experience smoother.

If you’re a regular Instagram user then you might have faced an error saying We’re sorry, but something went wrong, Please try again. This is a common error and usually faced by many users of Instagram. We received a lot of queries regarding this error, and here in this article, we have posted some of the best solutions to fix Something Went Wrong Error on Instagram.

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Fix Something Went Wrong Error on Instagram

There are chances that when you try to make some changes to the Instagram profile, then you may end up getting Something Went Wrong error. Generally, this error occurs on the Instagram application. Still, there is no specific reason behind the error, but there are some tips which can help you in getting rid of this error.

Why Instagram shows ‘Sorry, Something Went Wrong’?

Till now what I noticed is that this error occurs while making changes to the Instagram profile. For example, if you use such words which are offensive or blocked by Instagram to use in Bio, then you will get the error. It applies for the Instagram username and nickname also.

Another reason can be a poor internet connection also. If you have bad Internet connectivity, then you may face Something went the wrong issue on Instagram.

Moreover, if you are using outdated or unofficial application of Instagram then also there are chances of appearing this error. No matter what’s the reason of error here, we have shared some possibles solutions to fix the error. Have a look at the guides below and follow them one by one to get rid of Something went the wrong issue on Instagram.

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How to Fix Sorry, Something Went Wrong on Instagram?

There are various reasons and various ways to fix the error. So, below we have listed the most common solutions to correct the error.

#1: Restart the application

The very first and easiest method to fix something went wrong on Instagram is to restart the application. If you are getting ‘We’re sorry, something went wrong; Please try again’ error on Instagram again then close your Instagram application and remove it from your recent used application also. After that reopen the Instagram application, and the error should have fixed by doing this.

#2: Restart Device

This is another common way to fix something went the wrong issue. If you’re having some issues with your mobile phone and Instagram is working fine on other mobiles or web then you need to restart your mobile phone.

Simply Reboot your device and restart the Instagram application to get rid of the error.

#3: Clear Data of Instagram

If Instagram is working fine on the Web browser but causing the error on Application, then you need to wipe the data of the Instagram application.

To wipe data go to Settings>Applicaitons>Instagram and click on Clear Data & Cache. After clearing data open Instagram and Login to your account. It should work if there were issues with the Instagram application.

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#4: Update/Reinstall Instagram

Before proceeding further make sure that you’re using the latest updated & official Instagram application. If you’re using an outdated version of Instagram, then open Play Store and update Instagram to the latest version or if you are using an unauthorized or third party application then delete it from your device and download official version from Play Store or iOS store only.

#5: Connect with Facebook

If after following all the above methods still you’re getting something went wrong error then you need to connect your Instagram account with Facebook. To do this open Instagram on the web browser then open your profile and from Settings click on Connect with Facebook. Now authorize Facebook to Log In on Instagram.

Then open the Instagram application and Log In to your Instagram via Facebook only which should fix the error for you.

#6: Temporary Disable Account

If you are getting this error very frequently, then there might be some serious issues with your Instagram account, or you’re not following Instagram policies. Here you need to Temporary Disable Instagram account for a few days and then Relogin to the Instagram. This should fix something went the wrong issue with your Instagram account.

#7: Check Instagram’s Server

If there are some issues with Instagram’s server and Instagram has gone down then you will end up getting Sorry, Something went wrong, and there is nothing you can do about this. It would be fixed only when Instagram’s server is up and working correctly.

Final Words:

Instagram is getting popular day by day, and their userbase is also increasing at the rapid speed, so there are chances that there might be some technical glitches and Something Went Wrong is also one of the errors faced by Instagram users.

Here in this article, we discussed the causes and possible ways to fix the error. I hope you have fixed the Sorry; Something Went Wrong error by following above shared methods. If you are unable to fix the error even after following these methods, then please elaborate your issue in the comments section below, and we would get back to you ASAP.

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