How To Increase Your Event Registrations

Today’s world is busy, hyper-connected, and distracted. The competition is on their toes. The technology landscape is changing fast. And customer demands are constantly evolving.

At such a time, marketers need to work harder and smarter to get their customers’ attention. They have to keep up with new ways to get people to notice their brands. They have to be innovative to build loyalty.

In this scenario, events are a great opportunity for the target audience to interact with companies and brands. They allow personalization, and they provide a chance to communicate a fresh perspective.

Another aspect of events is two-way communication. The marketer can sometimes hear directly how customers feel and decide to act on this.

There’s no doubt then that events provide you with a great way to create a buzz about launches and new initiatives.

Such events can, of course, be both offline and online. They can be webinars or seminars, they can be trade shows, and they can be large conferences or even stadium-size assemblies.

Whatever form they take, events should be memorable and impactful. The customer should feel enriched and enlightened and not think of it as just another presentation.

Ideally, an event should offer valuable information or education that the consumer is seeking. In this way, marketers can make a powerful impression and create conversions and conversations.

To sum up, some of the key reasons to make an event a part of your marketing mix are:

  • Awareness and brand building
  • Generating leads
  • Customer engagement
  • Spreading information

The State of Attendance at Events

According to a recent Hubspot survey, 47% of marketers are planning to increase their events budget. And 31% expect to host 10 or more events this year.

That’s good news, but there’s a catch. 65% of marketers have not been able to increase their event attendance rates from the past year. Clearly, getting more registrations, leading to attendance, is a pressing issue.

A great theme for an event, and a way to stand out from the crowd, are important. These will push up registrations. What’s also important is to have an irresistible invitation that will tempt the receiver into registering.

One of the best ways to create such an invitation is through video. The right combination of images, music, and words can compel interest and instantly convey the flavor of the event.

The right event invitation video, used in combination with other channels of communication, will make your event well-publicized and even anticipated.

Make Custom Videos Your Secret Weapon

Video invitations can be sent to prospects via e-mail and through social media. They can be on company websites, on OOH channels, and even local TV stations. Their reach can be very wide.

For even more impact, you can use influencers to spread the message. These influencers, of course, have to be relevant to the target audience and overall communication.


It’s important for the video to accurately and vividly capture the idea of the event, and what to look forward to. It’s also critical to include an unmissable call to action because this is the point when the registrations will actually occur.

The process of registration, too, ought to be simple. The invitee should be taken through just a few steps with relevant information filled in.

To create such event invitation videos, you do not need complicated technology or filmmaking expertise. You don’t even need a great deal of time. With an online video editor, the entire process can be simple and quick.

Creating Compelling Video Invitations

First of all, let’s look at a few things that go into making an irresistible video event invitation. That is the content that will make the customer sit up and register.

The point of the video is to drive action. It should not just be a collection of pretty images. It should be written so that it delivers motivation and drives a conclusion.

The purpose of the event, and the highlights, of course, should be included. You should also focus on what the invitee will gain by attending. You can also include any celebrity speakers, well-known names, or unique aspects of the event.

A powerful way to get customers to act is to limit the size of attendance. By communicating this, you create an urge to register fast.

You should take care that the invite is not stuffed with too much information. Including just the relevant highlights will attract interest and a desire to attend. A few minutes long should be enough.

What to Look for in Video Editing Software

Many video editing tools, such as Invideo, contain free invitation templates. This is extremely convenient and useful. Just plug in the necessary copy and the images, and let the software to the rest.

You should also look for a wide media library. Invideo is a free video editor with a library based on more than 10 lakh media sources. These create many dramatic and relevant effects.

Ease of using animation, narration, and text is also important. A video editor should be able to provide all of these without the fuss.

Other tools that are necessary for event video invites to increase registration are the ability to manipulate content, as well as backgrounds and formatting. These will make the video look professional and seamless.

To make the video even more personalized, you can use photographs of those who will attend, the location, and other unique features. These can be photographs taken earlier, stock images, or even videos of past events, for example.

Many video editors are ready-to-use from the start. There is no steep learning curve or special skills required. They also have a drag-and-drop feature for you to add your photos and videos.

Compatibility and speed are other ways that a video editor will make it quick and simple to come up with an event video. The results will be buzz-worthy and will stand out from the crowd.

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