Programmatic Advertising as a Way to Promote Your Brand


Programmatic advertising is a modern approach to marketing. It is based on the automation of the processes of buying and placement of the adverts. There are special platforms such as, which provide lots of opportunities for the easier promotion of the brand and better reach of a target audience.

The essence of programmatic advertising

Programmatic approach is based on the application of special software. The latest provides the automation of adverts purchases and placement saving the time and money of the marketers. Compared to the traditional way of ads buying, where it is required to organize negotiations and work with the requests for proposals, programmatic simplifies the process.

Special algorithms allow omitting many manual things, which now can be fulfilled by computers. Thus, the marketers can concentrate on more important things, for instance, building a well-thought marketing strategy.

The advantages of programmatic advertising

Such an approach is efficient, which is supported by its growing popularity among marketers. For example, the amount of money spent in the US for programmatic in 2017 totaled over $30 billion. The majority of marketers prefer using private marketplaces as they provide them with more reliable services and the opportunities for the advanced control of their investments or ads inventory. Thus, by means of programmatic, it is possible to achieve better optimization of time and resources.

As for other benefits of programmatic advertising, they are as follows:

• transparency of the processes

• real-time information

• the better reach of a target audience

• relevant impressions

• low risks of fraud

• the saving of time

• high effectiveness.

How to work with programmatic advertising

For the effective application of programmatic advertising, it is vital to know how to use it in the right way. Consider several tips, which will guide you in the world of programmatic:

1. Know more information about your marketplace. First thing you need to do is to know more about this sphere. You will face plenty of new terms connected with programmatic. Thus, take your time to read about them for a better understanding. For instance, it is vital to differentiate SSP and DSP platforms, which are used by the publishers and advertisers for the automation of ad inventory purchasing. One of the popular directions of programmatic is online auctions, where the marketers can trade via real-time biddings.

2. Set the objectives. It is vital to understand, which results you want to achieve in order to build a good marketing strategy on the basis of a programmatic approach. Note that there are short-term and long-term goals. There is no need to set too big aims. Start with the smaller ones to reach more.

3. Experienced staff. Even when you work with the automated system, you still need to have skilled people for the control, management, and optimization of advert buying. There are fully automated platforms and those, which offer half-managed services.

4. The protection of your brand. Sometimes it might happen that the adverts appear in inappropriate places because of the computerized algorithms. Thus, it is necessary to monitor sites, which are not suitable for you and keep updating your blacklist to avoid such a situation. There are platforms, which allow excluding the whole categories of the resources.

5. Be careful with the fraudsters. Sometimes it might happen that people use bot fraud. The percentage is lower compared to the traditional ads buying (just 15%) but it is still necessary to keep an eye on the ball.

Many advanced marketers also use such an approach for the promotion of their brands. Such plain tips might become very useful for those, who just start their business and look for an effective way of digital advertising. It is appropriate for any budgets because does not require large investments. There are even platforms, which are free of charge. As a result, you can launch your business and provide the fast and effective development of your brand on the top resources.

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