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The time of the “browser war” has long passed. But, its results are visible today. Now the user has a choice among various reliable software solutions. They are supported by HTML5, CSS3 standards, and JavaScript. It all started from the moment when companies decided that the “winner” would “control” the Internet. It’s about the voice interface and, the competition of the best voice assistants.

The Battle on the Market of  Smart Voice Technologies

Historically, voice dialing was implemented in the first push-button cell phones. The same refers to Bluetooth Hands-Free. Then, the voice tech Apple Siri, Google Now and Microsoft Cortana appeared. Only after, the world saw Amazon Alexa. Unlike previous smart devices, Alexa didn’t have wifi connections with a specific gadget. There was no connection to a certain operating system/computer. It was accompanied by a voice assistant as a device. At the same time, it was technically available on any device.

Today, everyone can get smart devices for the house in just one click at What we see now: Google Home, Apple HomePod and Microsoft Cortana. It is a real “battle” of voice assistants. Recall the recent announcement that Amazon bought Ring startup. It becomes obvious that the “battle” is already beginning for the Internet as a platform for the Smart Home.

Echo Devices from Amazon

Let’s have a quick look at the infrastructure around Alexa, in particular, the Amazon Echo Dot device. Interest in the Amazon Alexa solution is understandable. The proposed services, gadgets and the AWS cloud are closely connected. They create a single information space for the user and developers, in which voice control comes first. Not surprisingly, the Amazon ecosystem is now entering a new level of interactivity with the customer. It refers to both the store and the entire AWS cloud platform.

Echo and Echo Plus smart products are equipped with good acoustics. Echo Plus also includes an integrated Smart Home Automation Hub. Check it at The Echo Spot and Echo Show devices contain built-in displays. Against the background of these devices, the Echo Dot column occupies the initial positions.  You can always connect wired acoustics to it or use Bluetooth for this. A tablet or a smartphone will act as a screen.

Can Alexa Be Your Personal Business Assistant?

Alexa is positioned not only as a user device for the smart home. It is also going to conquer the corporate niche as a service for business. With a cool voice assistant, it is possible to put in place scenarios from everyday office life. Check the list:

  • “Alexa, call Jeff.”
  • “Alexa, ask Teem to find an open conference room.”
  • “Alexa start the meeting.”
  • “Alexa, order more paper for the copier. ”
  • “ Alexa, turn on the lights. ”
  • “ Alexa, when is my next meeting?”

Conduct conferences, work with a calendar, give voice requests for statistical data. All this should attract the attention of the corporate user. Take care of security and “teach” Alexa not to disclose confidential data to everyone. This smart device will help to organize collaboration in the office or the company as a whole.

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