🏆 State of Decay 2 Review 🎮

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These games can even be played for real money, although this option is strictly for over 18’s. Another hugely popular game in New Zealand is the State of Decay, originally released in 2013 to favorable reviews and it now has a sequel, State of Decay 2.

🏆 State of Decay 2 Review 🎮

What You Can Expect from State of Decay 2

Not surprisingly, State of Decay 2 takes off where the first one ended and brings plenty of new challenges and zombie killing action. Though not a huge leap forward from its predecessor, this post-apocalyptic zombie open-world RPG progression platform still manages to deliver tons of thrills as you and your fellow cohorts attempt to survive a myriad of zombie-filled scenarios.

Interestingly, State of Decay 2 is exclusively available on Xbox One gaming console as well as for pc players on Windows 10. The game, developed by Undead Labs and published by Microsoft Studios, also features cross-platform support between Windows 10 and Xbox One, allowing you to carry your game over from home seamlessly or anywhere you like, with Xbox Play-Anywhere support.

State of Decay 2 Special Features

  1. The open world gaming environment
  2. Co-operative gameplay mode
  3. Up to three players on every mission or challenge
  4. Loot bonuses and more

Should You be Playing State of Decay 2?

While you may not be able to play online casino games for legal or financial reasons, sinking your teeth into some healthy and robust zombie slaying may just be what the doctor ordered. Zombie-based role-playing platform games are hugely popular at the moment, thanks to hit TV shows like AMG’s The Walking Dead and its spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead.

The nice thing about State of Decay 2 is that it’s not an overly complicated game, so it’s perfect for you and your friends to work together and kill zombies, earn cool bonus loot and just generally have a good time. The original State of Decay game from Microsoft Studios was one of the top rated games upon its release in 2013 and, while State of Decay 2 isn’t moving any mountains in the world of zombie killing RPG’s, we think fans of the original, as well as fans of the zombie genre in general, will love this new addition.

The game was plagued by a series of release delays and, by most accounts, is still a bit buggy. However, constant patch updates ensure that the game still plays great and runs smoothly.

State of Decay 2 Platforms

  • Available for PC on Microsoft Windows
  • Available for Xbox One
  • Co-op mode
  • Single Player mode

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