The Advantages Of 3D PCB Layout

The Advantages Of 3D PCB Layout

As technology advances, the software that is used to create a PCB design improves. One of the latest tools that are available in the top software packages for this type of project is 3D view and layout. This type of tool comes with many advantages that will benefit the design and the designer.

Here, we are going to talk you through some of the advantages of 3D PCB layout. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more about this.

Immediate Visual Feedback

How great would it be to be able to get immediate visual feedback on your PCB design? With 3D PCB layout tools from companies like Altium, you can get exactly that, and this is what makes this tool so exciting. Sometimes, visualising your design choices can be difficult and it can often lead to problems. With 3D layout, the program will do all of the hard work for you by giving you the visual.


In PCB design, accuracy is very important. The great thing about using 3D PCB layout is that you can be sure that you are placing things accurately. This includes placing everything from the reference designators to the component silkscreen outlines. With this increased accuracy, you can be sure that your project is ready to move onto the next stage of the process.

No Surprises In Mounting

Another advantage of using 3D PCB layout is that you can reduce the number of surprises that you will come across further down the line. This is because you can use the 3D models when mounting hardware which includes everything from standoffs to washers and screws. You’ll know where everything is going and won’t have to deal with the consequences further down the line which could mess up your entire project.

Validating Interface Components

SMT connectors can be tricky when it comes to the land pattern and the male and female versions. One of the great things about 3D PCB layout is that you can bring in the actual component models for the switches, the connectors and the headers which can reduce the number of issues that you have later on. In this stage, you can also include mating connectors which can help with identifying the interfaces. This is a massive benefit that you should really take advantage of.

Final Verdict

If you aren’t already using 3D PCB layout tools, then you could be missing out on some extremely helpful tools for your design. These tools can help you to see the model up close and figure out how you are going to improve the project. With 3D PCB layout, you don’t need to worry about coming across bad surprises down the line as you can identify all of these problems before it is too late. Make sure to consider everything that we have discussed in this article to ensure that you are using the tools at your disposal to their full potential in the future.

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