Be Vigilant, Check Fraud!

The development of e-commerce means that online fraud is also on the rise. An article by the popular journal CSA from the USA recently published a study that provides data on online fraud and types of fraud. Although the study was conducted referring to American retailers, the situation in Europe, as elsewhere in the world is almost identical.

In today’s article, we are going to find out what this commercial fraud is and how to check fraud and prevent it. Forewarned is forearmed, so we recommend reading our article to the end to find out all the details of the fraud detection system.

Online Commerce: Fraud Risks

E-commerce is a rapidly evolving business type that offers more profits, benefits, and opportunities. E-commerce is unthinkable without new forms of payments, greatly facilitating the realization of goods and services in virtual space. Often, where there is money, there are thieves who want to steal it.

So What Is Online Fraud?

In brief, Internet fraud or e-commerce fraud is the making of purchases online using stolen or false information. To check fraud and prevent it, many entrepreneurs use anti-fraud software products. Among the most dangerous types of fraud are:

  1. Refund Fraud;
  2. Friendly Fraud;
  3. Account Takeover;
  4. Credit card fraud;
  5. Card Testing.

These are the 5 most dangerous types of fraud, but there are more than 100. To check fraud, we recommend you to think about risk management software, and apply for Covery anti-fraud assistance.

How to Check Fraud?

  • Keep track of your accounts

The very first and most important rule of anti-fraud is to constantly check your account activity. If you suddenly suspect any non-sanctioned activity, contact law enforcement and your financial institution right away.

  • Sign up for recognition and online notification services

If available, sign up for important alerts to help you quickly respond to suspicious activity on your account. Such a fraud detection system will help you to prevent money stealing.

  • Order a risk management software

This service will help you detect fraud, alert you to possible theft of your data. If someone opens new bank accounts with it, you will be immediately notified. It is easy to recognize and check fraud by using such software.  ​​

Why Choose Covery Risk Management Software?

Cavery provides many services, helping you to check fraud and prevent it in time. Professional verification, analysis of over 5 billion user actions daily, customization of services to your needs, makes Covery the best choice for you!

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