How AutoZone’s New Website Can Help You With Your Repairs

Shopping online can make vehicle maintenance or repair easier and faster. This is particularly the case when shopping for online auto parts. A new feature makes it possible to add a vehicle to your customer profile on the site to simplify shopping. While it is still a good idea to confirm wiper blade size and other details that may vary among models and sub models, this shopping tool narrows down browsing options and search results to parts that are likely to fit your vehicle.

How To Navigate Autozones Website

Go to the home page of the site and click on the option to “Add a Vehicle.” Select the year, make, model and engine type of your vehicle. You do not have to sign in to shop for parts for the specified vehicle. Signing in greatly simplifies shopping for any vehicles you own. You can simply select the vehicle for which you need parts to narrow down the products you see in search results or while browsing by category. Connecting your customer information and vehicles can speed up regular orders of parts and supplies and the checkout process.

Once you are shopping for a vehicle, you can easily search for parts. Enter the name of the replacement part you are looking for, such as windshield wiper blades, and the results you see will be more likely to fit your vehicle. It is still a good idea to confirm fitment. Check the owner’s manual of your vehicle or fitment details for the part. If you are not sure whether a part is the right choice, call or chat with customer service.

Finding the Best Parts for Your Make and Model

It is important to buy the right parts for every vehicle system. You may have the option to choose from OEM or aftermarket parts, but any part you choose must fit your vehicle. This is just as important for critical systems such as the engine and exhaust as well as safety components such as brake parts and windshield wiper blades.

While brake components tend to be standard for each vehicle make and model, wiper blade size may vary between submodels of a vehicle. The wiper blades on the left, right and rear of a vehicle are also different sizes. Some manufacturers of wiper blades sell models designed for use on particular car makes and models to simplify getting the right blade size. You may want to confirm the wiper blade type and sizes specified in the owner’s manual for your vehicle before ordering wiper blades to ensure you get the best parts.

Shopping online makes it easier to pick up an order at the nearest store location or have parts shipped to your home. Rather than facing the challenge of selecting the right parts on the fly and potential delays based on availability,  you can pick up the precise parts you need. This feature also makes it easy to arrange to have the components sent to the most convenient store location for pick-up along with any other parts, tools or supplies you need.


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