Is Online Privacy Important?

Absolutely, no questions asked in that. In fact, it is the most important thing one should consider giving attention to. The question however that does arise is why bother about protecting online privacy when you have nothing to lose or to hide?

It matters because you don’t know when one day somebody runs away with your identity, pretends to be you and leave you behind to pay the bill. Yes, that is now possible and no longer a myth. Any hacker having your credit card details and a bunch of other details can wipe off your entire amount on whatever they desire. Hence, why risk it? Why not take a few steps to avoid the regret in the future?

The following section covers the use of keys in encrypting or decrypting the data:

is online privacy important

Symmetric key encryption:

This type of encryption lets you calculate the encryption key from decryption key. In most cases, the similar key is utilized in both cases i.e. for encryption and decryption. A degree of authentication is offered by symmetric key encryption as data encrypted with one key cannot be decrypted using any another key of the same type. Hence, make sure you keep your symmetric key safe and secure to maintain a smooth and trouble-free experience. As long as the decrypted message makes sense, the two parties can be certain of the fact that two parties are communicating with each other with no obstacle.

Symmetric-Key Encryption

Public-Key Encryption

Key Length and Encryption Strength

But know that this type is only effective when you keep the key to yourself. Anyone getting aware or in possession of such key means the public distribution of your data leaving you with no credits.

Public key encryption:

RSA data security issues algorithms by creating patents of them. The public key is an example of such an algorithm which is also known as the RSA method to public key encryption. It involves not a single but a pair of keys where a private key is connected with an entity that requires to approve its identity or to encrypt data. Private Key remains a secret with the publication of each public key. Know that the data you encrypt can only be accessed with your private key which you previously encrypted with a public key.

Encryption strength and key length:

To hack an algorithm of encryption, one must find the right key to get access of the data that lies in encrypted form or plain text. In the case of a public key algorithm, hacking the algorithm is done by gaining access to the shared private information that exists between the two communicating parties.

Another means of gaining access is to try each key within the algorithm and keep trying until you find the right key. In case of public key algorithms, it’s rather easier as you already know half of the key pairs (publically known) and hence, you only need to find the other half which is part of the private key. This is usually derived from rigid mathematical calculations.

However, finding the key to hack an algorithm manually is known as brute force attack. The attempt of hacking an algorithm issues the risk or threat of penetrating, intercepting, and verifying the confidential information.


Encryption programs not long ago were a very rare term that had no or less use in average user. Today, the almost every user is connected with the encryption algorithms but among them, make sure you utilize the AES 256 bit encryption algorithms to stay one step ahead of the hackers, intruders, snoopers and more as the previous versions of encryption aren’t that strong or reliable anymore.


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