List of Apps College Students Need

College life can prove fun but also challenging to students owing to the tight timelines of study, assignments, socializing, and other things. Further, the unfamiliar surroundings coupled with trying to come up with ideas of what to do post-graduation can make it overwhelming. In a world awash with tech, thankfully exist diverse apps that can help students organize themselves and succeed in their academic endeavors.

So what apps rank the best in helping students cope with college life?

Apps College Students Have to Possess

  • My Custom Essay. Not completely an app, but a good and accessible online service to find some help with your writing. Includes tips for writing any type of essay in blog, some great essay samples and even writing experts to hire who will do it for you.
  • Chegg Study. The study app proves useful in taking you through assignments when your instructors cannot. The app has 24/7 homework assistance and includes a stepwise solution finding process and videos for thousands of standard problems. Additionally, you can take a picture of the problem whenever they don’t have a solution to get assistance from the app’s experts.
  • iTalki. It focuses on languages, and you can easily learn a foreign semantic using the app. However, to become proficient in speaking the language, you have to practice by spending time speaking the new dialect.
  • Wolfram Alpha. The app proves useful in getting formulas or answers to every type of factual questions. You can check answers to assignment questions with the pro version allowing you to get a stepwise solution to almost every question.
  • Google Docs. It proves one of the best apps for students in college as they can use it to organize and store your work on google cloud besides offering filtered writing tools. You can therefore retrieve any work you do using Google Docs even if you lose the device or physical copy.
  • Grammarly. The app proves useful in checking and correcting spelling and grammar errors within a record time. It can help you correct mistakes by highlighting errors, though it’s not perfect. Regardless of its imperfection, the app proves more useful than the inbuilt word editing tools.
  • Anki. The digitized flashcards solves the challenges that come with using traditional flashcards, especially the ease of loss and difficulty in handling large amounts. You can memorize and read your notes without a hitch.
  • Coggle. The app takes the drawing concept when it comes to comprehension digitally and can allow you to produce flowcharts and mind maps on any relevant subject you want to work on.
  • Zotero. The app proves crucial in advanced levels of study where you have to develop research papers, dissertations, or a thesis and cite references. The importance of such an app always comes when the references start to pile up.
  • TomatoTimer. The app becomes useful in timing yourself when practicing the Pomodoro technique that helps you overcome the challenge of procrastination. It can become easy to start and complete your homework or studies with the app and the technique.
  • Trello. The app proves useful in organizing and tracking group work where you can organize tasks for each member and track the progress of each individual to ensure everyone completes their fair shake. It improves accountability and initiative among students, especially concerning group assignments.


College students require these useful apps in making their life more manageable in college, especially in academics. However, it’s crucial to note that other apps dealing with diverse aspects other than academics also come in handy while in college.

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