Seven Tech Devices for Any Kitchen

Seven Tech Devices for Any Kitchen

The kitchen is probably one of the most used rooms in the house.  We spend a good part of our home-time in the kitchen, preparing food, eating food and cleaning up after our meals.  Some people are picky about what they eat while others just want to fill up their stomachs.  Regardless of your relationship to food, you might find that investing in one (or more) of these amazing new kitchen devices will save you – in the long run – time and cash to extend your fun online at SlotoCash casino.

Smart Blender

Blenders have been on the market for almost 100 years.  The concept is simple – it gives you the ability to mix up shakes and other fruit and vegetable drinks for a tasty, cool, delicious treat.   Blenders puree, emulsify or mix food into a creamy texture within minutes. Stationary blenders consists of a blender jar that sits on a rotating metal blade at the bottom. An electric motor, located in the base of the machine, powers the blade.

Now there are smart blenders that work via a sensor that you can use with a smartphone app (iOS or Android).  The app automatically measures and logs the nutritional value of the smoothie, soup or juice that you are blending in the bullet-shaped up. For instance, if you know that you are iron-deficient, you can load up your drink with more tehini or pomegranates and the app will measure what you’re getting.

Feel like you’re getting a cold? The app will let you know the amount of vitamin C that you’re getting.

If you’re watching your weight or have other dietary concerns you can check the weight sensor which gives you a breakdown of all calories, proteins, fiber, carbs, fats and sugars that you’ve ingested. The NutriBullet Balance, one of the first and most popular of these blenders, also provides recipe suggestions, tutorials, screen shortcuts to your shopping list and more.

No matter what your wellness goals and dietary restrictions, you’ll find the smart blender helpful.

Air Fryer

An air fryer uses convection to circulate hot air around food in order to cook it. Sometimes, oil is used but it is meant to use only a fraction of the oil that a regular fryer uses while still delivering the same crispness, texture and delicious taste of fried food.  The air fryer heats food from all directions by blowing hot air all around the vessel. It can cook evenly from all sides.

People often buy an air fryer because it’s believed to be a healthier option to food that tastes fried than traditional fried food.  It’s especially useful to cook already-fried foods that have been frozen and are now being reheated as leftovers.

Smart Microwave

Microwaves offer a user-friendly kitchen tool to cook, bake and warm up food.  However, they can be tricky to use because there are different preparation methods so you have to stay on top of the various directions.  Depending on whether you’re thawing, grilling, roasting or warming, you need to follow the specific directions for that process.

The smart microwave guides you so you can maximize your microwave more thoroughly.  You can use your voice to control the microwave and simply direct it to set the correct setting or cooking mode for the dish that you want to make. For example, if you want to heat up a cup of coffee, you can direct it verbally to “reheat one cup of coffee” or “heat for two minutes.” The microwave will then do that with the correct heat settings and time.

There are defrost buttons that allow you to set by time and weight, a kitchen timer and a child lock. There’s a bit of a learning curve but once you have the hang of what you need to do, you’re good to go.

Drink Scale

A drink scale is an interactive cocktail mixing app that allows you to measure your ingredients in real-time so you make a perfect mixed drink every time.  Tell the app which drink you want to make or input the drinks that you have in your cabinet and the app will tell you what you can create, as well as give you some suggestions of what to buy so that you can make other types of drinks.  It even helps you adjust if you overpour one type of liqueur or run out of another before you’ve completed the drink.

You can connect your smartphone to the Perfect Drink Scale and then just follow directions.  Since different liquids have different weights, the scale accounts for the differentials and gives you the precise amount of each ingredient.

You can also customize to use your own recipes or customize existing recipes.  Recipes are managed through touch/drag controls.

Sous Vide

A number of sous vide devices have come into the marketplace in the last few years to enable users to cook food by immersing vacuum sealed food in a water bath. Thanks to the sealing process, no moisture is lost while the controlled water temperature ensures that food isn’t overcooked.

Once the food is taken out of the bag it can be quickly pan-seared which crisps its outer texture.  A Sous vide machine comes with its own water bath but, if you want, you can put an immersion circulator on the side of a large plastic box or next to a stock pot.  The immersion circulators heat the water to your desired temperature so you can cook the food when and how you prefer.

There’s also a Precision Cooker that you can control from any location. You set the desired temperature using the big dial on the cooker and let it cook, even if you’re not on the premises. The app notifies you at every step of the cooking process.


You’re at the supermarket and discover that you forgot your shopping list at home? No problem.  Check the contents of your fridge using the Fridge Cam to see a live feed of the contents of your fridge.  The camera snaps a photo every time you open and close your refrigerator door. It also keeps on top of the expiration dates and reminds you of which items might be on their last legs.

Omelet Maker

An omelet maker may seem like the ultimate in luxury but if you take your egg dishes seriously, you may want to consider such a device. Omelet makers are great for people with busy lifestyles – you just pop in the ingredients, walk away for a few minutes and come back to your perfectly-made, delicious omelet.

Regardless of whether you like your omelets chock full of vegetables and other ingredients or you prefer pure, fluffy eggs, this is a terrific option for everyone.  

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