A Comprehensive Guide to Stream Videos on Phone

A Comprehensive Guide to Stream Videos on Phone

The possibility to stream video to and from your smartphone provides a fun, convenient way to use your device. There are multiple uses for the technology including streaming content like movies and television shows, streaming live video, and streaming media you have saved to another device.

With so many options, it can be challenging to narrow down everything you need to make all this possible. This guide will highlight the different types of streaming and discuss what you should be aware of while watching or sending video.

Three Types of Streaming

As mentioned earlier, there are three main streaming capabilities offered by most smartphones today. These include streaming content, sending live video streams, and watching content stored on your computer.

Streaming Content

There is a multitude of streaming content providers available now. It is virtually impossible to list them all with any accuracy. However, there are similar considerations you should make before committing to any streaming service.

The cost of the service is one of the most important things to take into account. Each platform offers different pricing, and many have tiers that restrict how many devices you can be signed in on at once.

While evaluating the price of a platform, consider their policy regarding ads. Many will offer tiers that eliminate ads altogether and provide a less expensive option that features regular commercial breaks.

After pricing, the most valuable consideration is the available content. If a service is limited in what it offers, it is likely not worth the time or money required to set up an account.

Live Streaming

It’s a relatively new phenomenon. Many apps offer the possibility of live streaming yourself and things going on around you to others. Many of these are offered for free, and some are developed by popular social media brands.

The most popular apps that allow you to stream live are:

  • Facebook
  • Periscope
  • YouNow
  • Livestream

There are some things to think about when diving into the world of live streaming. First and foremost, you should always be aware of your surroundings. People are often led to make their live stream as interesting as possible, which can end up in forgetting personal safety.

Keep in mind the people around you may not want to be included in your stream. As a courtesy, it would be best to avoid capturing unknown members of the public, especially children.

Stream from Your Computer

While mobile devices are great for streaming content, they are not known for their large storage capacities. If you prefer to download media like movies or videos to your computer for viewing later, there are ways to watch that content on your phone while traveling.

A desktop client is arguably the easiest way to connect your mobile device to the media stored on your PC or Mac. These apps are beneficial for accessing any file on your computer from your phone and make viewing large files on your phone possible.

Otherwise, you can connect to a variety of server types that allow for file sharing over networks. These methods can be slightly more complicated but serve the same purpose – allowing you access to files on your computer from your smartphone.

Keep Your Streaming Safe

Restrictive data plans can limit streaming capabilities. This has led to the rise in popularity of free WiFi at virtually every public space. Fast food restaurants, shopping malls, and airports all tout WiFi as a perk for their customers.

Unfortunately, these unsecured wireless networks can be havens for hackers seeking to take advantage of so many people connected. It is possible to enjoy the convenience of free WiFi while keeping cybersecurity in mind.

Consider downloading a VPN app to your mobile phone. These virtual private network apps are worth the investment for anyone who likes to stream any type of media on the go.

A mobile VPN can provide an encrypted tunnel for your data to pass through. This could prevent a hacker from accessing your device and seeing your browsing habits, passwords, or banking information.

There are many mobile VPNs available including some options portraying themselves as free. Think twice about using a free mobile VPN. These providers often have questionable data collection practices that could infringe on your privacy.

At the very least, many of the free options perform poorly and could put a damper on your streaming experience. For the sake of good security and high-quality performance, investing in a mobile VPN subscription is the best idea.


Video streaming has come a long way in just a short time. The quick rise in popularity of and access to streaming services and platforms has led to the need to take a step back and evaluate your streaming practices.

Consider both your physical and digital safety as you enjoy streaming, whether it be binge-watching your favorite show while waiting for your flight or giving your friends a live glimpse of your fabulous vacation.

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