Top 3 Font Generators: Create New Text Styles

There will always a time a come when you become quite bored because of seeing the predefined fonts and texts on your smartphones and computer. It is a fact that every person nowadays uses social media platforms and wants to put cool and eye-catching posts with great styles.

No one likes to post a simple posting which looks bad and even the worst case scenario no one gives any attention to it. So you need to find a great solution which you can use and implement using Top 3 Font Generators that will help you generate some cool and fancy texts you can use to make your post not even attracting but also noticeable.

font generator

What is a font generator?

It is very important to know that which website or tool is using that will eventually help you make a great impression on others. Font generator is a kind of tool that will allow you to create and convert the text you want in different styles and give it a whole new look, that will surely not ignored. The purpose of it to use for social media sites where using it has become an essential part of our lives.

You will be able to generate them in an instance without waiting too long and you no longer need to search too much on the internet, instead, you just need to see the below to get an idea how these font generators work and will definitely give you an advantage over your friends.

Top 3 Font Generators

1) Mega cool text:

The mega cool text is an awesome font generator where you can use it without any cost. It offers you some incredible and stylish fonts you haven’t seen before. The layout is very simple of it and easy to use. All you need is to open its webpage and type your fonts in its text box and it will give you more than 100 font styles to choose from. Then you can click on generate button and simply copy paste it.

2) Weird maker:

Weird maker is a highly advanced font generator site, where you can not only generate top class texts but also manually customize them as well. You will get plenty of options, to begin with. All you need is to simply visit the site, type of your text in the box and it will automatically create some fancy fonts for you with various categories from the new font, classic, decorate, and handwriting. Sounds pretty cool and fun right.

3) Fancy text:

Fancy text works as a manually free online font generator once you visit the sites you will find a box with some buttons that contains the alphabets from A to Z in several fonts along with numbers with special characters and symbols. This one is also one of the best Top 3 Font Generators, It won’t generate the fonts, but you have to do it by yourself, you just need to place your text and click on the button to generate the phrase you want in the most simple way.

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