A Complete Tool to Manage Emails

A Complete Tool to Manage Emails

In a great number of modern campaigns, you will find a department dealing with email marketing. They are responsible for everything connected with emails, put it crudely, they are responsible for email management. Living in the 21st century, it is not wise to hire lots of people for doing a manual work. Which is why the C-level executives give preference to automation tools.

You can reduce the expenses over your team by using such a tool which can completely provide email management services. Don’t get surprised because I am gonna say about a real-life app which amazingly manages emails in every possible way. Let’s have a look at Snovio Email Drip Campaigns tool and see how it can help you.

What is a drip campaign tool?

Drip Campaigns is an automation tool for email sending. It helps to create triggered email campaigns and schedule the campaign sending. With the newly crafted tool of Snovio, you can create a drip campaign schedule any time. You may not get a clear vision about this tool, so let me tell you what you can do with drip campaigns tool designed by Snovio.

What you can do with Snovio email drip campaign?

Drip Campaign tool provides users with numerous features making their workflow quick and easy. Let’s have a look at four peculiarities that will be of the greatest help to you.

You can create a drip campaign with prescheduled follow-ups

The drag-n-drop campaign builder helps to create a drip campaign with scheduled emails. These emails will help you follow-up the leads, prospects, customers, and clients.  Which means you can set the sequence of emails on autopilot and forget about manual work.

Additionally, you can use the email templates created by the team or save your own emails as templates and use them in the future simply changing some parameters.

You can send personalized email without disturbing other

You can share the information through the mail to the people you want to share. In order to get a higher open rate, you might like to add a human touch to the emails. Snovio has an amazing feature which allows you to send personalized messages to the target audience.

By default, you can customize the emails with the first and last name of the recipients. They can be added either to the subject line or the message itself. But if you are eager to attach more variables, you surely can do this.

You can send emails to a group of specific people

You can add the whole email list of recipients for this or that email drip campaign. But if it happens so that you need to send the emails to one person or just a few from the list, you can take advantage of this feature.

With this tool of Snovio, you can pick some of the contacts and send them the email campaign. So, only they will receive emails from you, not the whole email list.

You can send emails from the extension itself

While browsing the website of the target audience you can directly send emails. This magic happens when you browse the website and the email is saved by this tool. Which gives you the opportunity to send email directly while browsing. Isn’t it amazing?

You might need it

Snovio email drip campaigns is an amazing tool offered by the company. It is also offered for free limited to 30 recipients per months. But their paid plans are really available. Moreover, the team offers other tools within every plan.

Just try it for free and within one day you will understand whether it is working with or not.

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