How to Get Udemy Courses at Discounted Prices/Free

How to Get Udemy Courses at Discounted Prices

Ways to Get Udemy Courses at Discounted Prices

Udemy is an online marketplace for diverse courses. Anybody can design their own course and set their fees in accordance with Udemy guidelines. The majority of the courses are not free and there are also endless paid courses available at a premium cost. However, you can access some excellent Udemy courses at very good discounts–at times going as high as 95% with some available for as little as $10.

Here are several ways of getting Udemy courses at discounted prices.

Go for New Course Releases

All authors on Udemy rely on your feedback for their courses to get off the ground. Nearly all of them will give away a good number of promo codes when they first release a course in the hopes of receiving some favorable feedback that helps in building a buzz for the new course.

Udemy also offers learners 30-days money back guarantee.  Additionally, if a course pleases you but you are unable to accept it right away, Udemy allows you to “add to cart” and take it later. It also allows gifting the course to another person who can benefit or enjoy it.

Be Patient, Wait

Avoid making “impulse” Udemy purchases. Place the course you want to your shopping cart or add it to your wish list and you could soon be receiving an email from Udemy notifying you that the course is gone on sale. Nearly every week, Udemy offers huge discounts. That course that’s currently costing $150 could be available the next day or even next hour for as little as $10.

Additionally, once a month, they normally have a blanket sale of between 95% and 97% taken off from nearly all their courses. So, for that course you are so keen about, waiting for just a couple of days, weeks or even hours could help you save a lot when you have the suitable coupon code.

Use Browser, not Mobile Apps

It’s possible to buy courses on Udemy through their mobile apps or on their website. The point you need to note is that one course might have different prices depending on the platform being used to access it. This is similar to how some airlines may show higher prices to those browsing on an iPhone. For best discount coupons, promo codes, or offers, try using a standard browser.

Coupons and Other Offers

This coupon site and many others make it easy for learners to save on different Udemy courses. They post the latest discounts coupons, promo codes, and course sales. Each day, Udemy adds free courses and 100% off coupon codes. Take advantage of such before they expire! On their official site, you can also search for Udemy Black Friday deals. You may also want to think of signing up for direct emails from Udemy if you want to receive exclusive discount codes and offers right in your inbox!

Online Sources and Facebook

Also, consider checking for coupon discounts on sites like Free Course Daily or Online Course Coupons or other reputable online sites. Facebook is another good source as you will find many Udemy discount groups there.

Udemy is a global online teaching and learning platform that can be used by anyone in any part of the world to acquire new skills or learn something new. On Udemy, you get lots of free courses available on their official website. Udemy is famous for their great discounts. You can also use their site to look for discount coupons for particular courses. If you have been postponing to enroll for an important course because you were a bit scared about the cost, now you don’t have the excuse because at least you understand how to get courses at discounted price points.

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