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The Xbox is truly a legendary creation by Microsoft. The Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s second gaming console, which was a successor to the Xbox, was released in 2005. The console boasted new improvements and was packed with new options. Some of the main features were represented by Xbox Live, which allowed users you to play over the Internet, as well as download video games, demos, trailers, music, TV shows, etc. It made a splash with gamers worldwide. No wonder lots of fans still crave to play their favorite Xbox 360 titles. Still, it’s a rare person that can boast of owning an original console that works pretty well after so many years. But don’t rush into scoring eBay or Amazon for the coveted second-hand piece of hardware. You have an opportunity to play almost all Xbox 360 ROMs (games) on your personal computer using an emulator. Intrigued? Go on reading to learn more.

Choosing and Downloading an Emulator

There are plenty of emulators that can be easily found online. Some of them are software developed and supported by amateur fans of Xbox 360. As a rule, emulators can be downloaded for free, which is an indisputable advantage. On the downside, emulation freeware often may be “raw” and poorly developed, which won’t let you enjoy the gaming process to its full potential. So, if you’re determined to get maximum pleasure from your gameplay, opt for paid, premium, versions. Premium emulators can be quite costly, but, they’re unlikely to disappoint you. Such tools boast high performance and exceptional functionality.

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Before downloading an emulator of your choice, make sure the website distributing it is reputable. We also recommend that you check the emulator’s system requirements to make sure your hardware can support the downloaded program.

Also, keep in mind that you won’t be able to use an Xbox emulator to play the titles developed for other consoles, such as Nintendo, Sage, or PlayStation.

After you download the emulator file, you’ll be required to create a separate folder to unpack its contents to.

Downloading Xbox 360 Games

If you want to get a couple of cool ROM games onto your Android device, you can either download a game to your comp and then import the software to your device using a USB cable, or download it directly to your mobile device. To save your precious time, we recommend that you visit RomsMania, the website offering a plethora of splendid Xbox 360 games and emulation software.

If you use Mac or Windows, click on a game you want to play, select the “Download” option and decompress the obtained necessary to the game folder in your emulator. You also may take advantage of the Download Manager program to make the downloading process faster.

Getting BIOS

Please note that some emulators may require you to download a BIOS file, without which they merely cannot start loading games.

After downloading the necessary BIOS file, you’ll need to copy and paste the archived file to a specific directory. It should look somewhat like: C:\Users\[User Name]\Documents\Xbox 360\bios. You are free to change the directory to any other. To do it, unselect “Use default section” and choose another directory you’d want to store your games in.

Go Play!

With the emulator and new games now downloaded, you will want to run your emulator. This process can vary, depending on the software you’re using. Most programs will prompt you to open your game right away. If not, choose the “Open” option or hit the “Load” button.

On your Android device, the downloaded games will be saved in the “Downloads” folder. Though it’s a .zip file, you won’t need to need to decompress it. The system will do the job for you.

Now you can start your emulator, load a game, and dive into the atmosphere of unrestrained fun.

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