Powerful Tips on How to Use Adobe Reader

What we call the PDF is a portable document format. We can call PDF is the most ubiquitous formats. It works perfectly on desktop computers, laptops, or mobile devices. PDF can display any kind of fonts, images, and other components. What users like the most about PDF documents are that they have highly compressed size, which they can easily print out, download, or send my email. If you think to do an easy adobe reader download for pc, you will be amazed by its simplified nature. However, do not think that it is very primitive. In this article, you will find many tricks on how to make your work with Adobe Reader and PDF documents pleasant and stress-free. Adobe Reader is not the only one PDF reader and editor. There are hundreds of different programs, but Adobe deserves your special attention.

Do you know that Adobe created the PDF in the 90s? It possesses all the rights to the file format in 2008. Adobe offers many excellent programs like Adobe Reader, which is free of charge, Acrobat Standard, which is perfect for the entry-level, and Acrobat Pro, which is the most advanced and complete PDF software.

Users who have found themselves lost how view, edit, encrypt, or export PDFs should follow our recommendations below:

How to convert a file to a PDF?

This is nothing more simple than to convert any kind of document into a PDF. You just need to drag and drop the file to the Adobe Acrobat application icon. Alternatively, you can right-press and select the “Convert to Adobe PDF” option. You will have a big choice of formatting options for your document.

How to turn different types of content into a PDF?

If you use such programs as Microsoft Word, it is straightforward to convert such files into a PDF. Open Adobe program, press “File,” then “Create,” and then select from Screen/Window/Selection Capture. You can do the same from Scanner/ Web Page/Clipboard. Now you know that you turn anything (websites, photos, screenshots) into a PDF for more comfortable work.

How to gather survey responses and signatures?

If you are the author of a PDF document, Adobe Acrobat allows you to set up form fields within PDFs. Anyone who has access to a PDF can add the text. The author can include his own specific criteria into forms: numbers, dates, answers, etc. It is possible to convert such forms to boost flexibility and ease of use.

How to add annotations/comments/edits to a PDF?

After creating your PDF document, you can let other people to comment on it or to contribute annotations. Anyone can provide feedback and make some edits. You just need to select a specific text, which you want to comment on and choose one of the following options: “Add Note to Replace Text”/ “Strike-Through Text”/ “Add Bookmark”/”Create Link.”

How to combine several documents into a single PDF

You can save several components into one PDF. You must press “File” > “Create” > “Combine Files into a Single PDF” to avoid a long-lasting and quite boring cut-and-paste work.

How to extract specific pages?

If you have a huge PDF and you want to save a single page, you must press on “Tools” > “Pages” > “Extract” and select the page to end up with the desired result.

How to search inside PDFs?

Adobe Reader program has impressive functionality. To find something inside your document, you must press “Edit” > “Advanced Search” > “Open Full Reader Search” and start looking for the desired text/subject/interactive lists.

How to view PDFs in full-screen mode?

You will enjoy viewing your PDF in the same mode as PowerPoint presentations. You must press “View” > “Full-Screen Mode.” You will move between pages with the help of your mouse/keyboard.

How to add images to PDFs?

Using Adobe programs, you can work with graphics/photos. It works like other similar programs. Just open your PDF, press “Tools” > “Content Editing” > “Edit Text & Images”.

How to protect/encrypt/restrict/redact PDFs?

You will need to find the section “Tools” > “Protection.” You will find out many powerful methods for security needs. You can decide who can get access to your PDFs, edited, viewed, or sanitized. Level of security is the highest in Adobe Acrobat.


PDFs have formed our modern file-sharing world. Our recommendations will deepen your PDF knowledge. Hopefully, we have just enhanced your Adobe experience with the two popular PDF programs. Increase your efficiency and productivity right now!


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