Tips for Newbies Bloggers to Improve Their Writing


A blog can be defined as an informational site that consists of informal writings by a single author or multiple authors.
Blogging started to gain popularity in the late 90s when the media industry boomed. Presently, it is one of the most creative ways to discuss something and share thoughts about something.
For newbies, who plan to create a blog soon or have started a blog,  WordPress or blogger has free plans. In this tech-savvy ate, technically blogging doesn’t seem that difficult. But a keen eye will tell you that all blog contents are not equally good. Majority of today’s blog contents are written poorly without any purpose. They are mostly rushed, no thorough research and most importantly no sources are cited.

Tips for Newbies Bloggers to Improve Their Writing

Tips to Follow to Improve Writing

You should have an interest in writing if you want to blog. You can create to your heart’s content maintaining your originality. If you are totally new at blogging it is better to take things slow and steady. You should keep in mind that both the blogger and the reader should enjoy reading. You can try new things and ideas but don’t follow others blindly. You can choose your own word limits and even choose to put pictures.

Mentioned below are some tips, that newbie bloggers can keep in mind while writing their own blog:

Try to write in short paragraphs

When you are starting out, keep your paragraphs short and crisp so that your readers are not bored easily. It will make an easy reading arousing their interest in what you have written. You can also make points or use bullets.

Switching perspectives

A very common mistake, as a newbie you should be alert about the perspective point in your writing. Maintain one perspective throughout instead of jumping from I 5ti Me to We.

Don’t use text language

Your blog may be informal but that doesn’t give you the freedom to use text language or more precisely SMS language. Though it saves space and makes writing quicker, avoids it in your blogs as it makes your blog harder to comprehend.

Avoid silly mistakes

Be very careful about spelling mistakes that may occur in the beginning. It is better to be alert while writing and try to choose the word forms correctly. Repeated mistakes may lessen your reader base.

Proofread your article

It is a very important part of blogging. When you have written a post, go through it line by line for any kind of mistake. It may be tiring in the beginning but with time you can improve. Regular writing will give you the desired results and you will notice how the standard of your writing increases.

Be passionate about what you write

When you just start blogging, have a thought that you want to share before writing. It can be related to anything, sports to fashion to technology to literature. Try to write those about which you are confident.

Remove the extra

You may see people writing really long blog posts. Don’t be intimidated. Longer posts are not always better- there is no point in stretching a 100-word article to a 1000 word article. Your post should be concise, to the point and meaningful.

Run a grammar and punctuation check

It is important that after you finish your writing run a grammar check. Proper punctuations are also necessary. There are many apps and tools like Grammarlookup and punctuationcheck to help you. If your grammar is wrong it will make your article hard to understand. With time, your grip over language and spelling will increase.

Be a reader

In order to be a good blogger, you must be a voracious reader. You should read to improve your craft. Notice how the writers write, their techniques and. You can also subscribe to blogs of others to learn and incorporate new styles or words.

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