Top 10 Ways to Improve the Ranking of Your App [Data Driven Tips]

You build a mobile app to generate sales and to grow your business. So, naturally, you would want a higher ranking for your mobile apps in the app stores, so more people use and download your app. Rankings are important for your app’s performance, and good rankings definitely have a positive impact on your app visibility. As your app is competing with millions of other apps, you need to generate more download. This will ensure you are performing better than others in the market.

The app stores have an algorithm of their own, which shows how a particular app will be shown in the rankings and list. The apps which are visible first generate a lot more downloads than the apps showing up last. There are many ways you can boost the rankings of your apps by generating higher traffic.

Here is how you can improve your app’s ranking on app stores:

The below list will serve as a very useful guideline that lets you get top ranks for your app. So, let’s look at some of the influencers which can promote your app to great heights!

  1. Title of your app as a determining factor

You can use your app title in an intelligent way to communicate relevant information to your visitor. Your title should contain information about your app, functions, and ways to download. Search behavior is readily influenced as to how you write your titles. To help to connect with your ,user, you should have a matching short description of your app. You should convey the purpose of your title by appropriate titles in less than 50 words.

  1. Describe your app

The app description is a big opportunity to convey the meaning of the app, and when it is written in the right manner, it generates a positive approach for your rankings and search algorithms. Use the most appropriate but crisp descriptive materials to relate to your mobile apps. Don’t provide unnecessary descriptions or force your audiences to read through your posts. You should not repeat your words as Google content policy strongly disapproves repeated words for jargon building.

  1. Use appropriate screenshots

It is important to create a more visual effect for your apps as it affects ranking behavior by generating positive reviews. You can develop some fantastic looking custom screens which will help you in creating an appealing interface for your app. To get a good screenshot you can browse from top rated screenshots which are available in the play store. You should upload those shots which provide visual information regarding your apps most vital features.

  1. Play with your icons

Most developers don’t pay much attention to developing a great icon for their app. The icon is the brand which promotes your app. This icon would stay with the user once they have downloaded it, so it is extremely important to bring in your wits about when creating an icon.  It is is also important to determine the perfect combination of colors, textures, and size of your selected icon. You created icon should pass through a series of tests before being confirmed by you. The icon should also be free of copyright issues.

  1. Reduce the size of your app

You should keep your app size low for the users. Sometimes this becomes a key determinant in deciding your app store rankings. Your file size should be exceeding 5 MB to have a much better conversion rate. You can optimize your mobile apps with the help of optimizing tools. You should remember that internet speed are not the same for all areas, so sometimes users tend to get discouraged when they have to download larger apps affecting your rankings.

  1. User-friendly title

The description of your app must clearly state about the app and the intent for which the app has been designed. Using the right description helps in your app store optimization, and user-friendliness helps the customer easily gulp down the information. A visitor to the app store hardly gives five to ten seconds to go through the features of an app, so, your description needs to be worthy of the short time to engage viewer attention and to generate higher rankings for your apps.

  1. Choose the Right Category for your apps

This is a very basic thing that you need to keep in mind while building apps for play stores. You need to choose your categories carefully and remain loyal to the core functioning of your app. This will make your app reach out to the right audience who are on the lookout for similar apps like yours. Choosing the wrong category can make your app fall in the wrong and destroy your app ranking with wrong reviews.

  1. Update your app periodically

You need to update your apps on a regular basis to stay relevant in the apps stores. It has been since that updates apps generate more user reviews as it shows that you care about customers. Regular updates increase your app’s visibility and direct positive ranking for your apps. You should also make sure that the updates turn to downloads by enticing viewers with alerts to update and include features of the new version and the benefits that come with the new version.

  1. Use native languages for localization

An app feature and language doesn’t fit every geographic location. Nowadays, app revenues are also generated from foreign buyers, so it is important to localize your app use. You need to be having knowledge about the local usage patterns and use local languages to cater to a wider customer base. You can also try using translation services and include demonstration videos for the same.

  1. Improve and encourage your ratings

You should always try to generate positive reviews for your app listings. According to – app reviews boost your rankings in ASO.  The relation between your ASO rankings and positive reviews is directly proportional. You should remember that the app stores are extremely competitive, so you need to garner rave reviews to pull up your rankings.

Generating good reviews are an integral part of your ASO process and boosting the rank of your apps in the play store. Although you can’t directly influence the reviews that are given, you can make several changes to your app’s development layout to stay true to the competition and get fresh reviews for your app. Better star rankings mean better conversion rates, which in turn will lead to more sales for your app.

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