What Do I Do When My Window Is Broken?

What Do I Do When My Window Is Broken?

A broken window is everything but what any homeowner wants. Broken windows compromise the home’s energy efficiency, safety, and security. On top of that, they are also a risk for homeowners, especially as residents can get injured from the shards of broken glass.

Maverick Windows identifies Windows replacement as the best solution for this. However, homeowners must take immediate action to prevent safety hazards while waiting for their replacement windows. Below are steps to take.

Assess the Damage and Prioritize Safety

A broken window could have been caused by many factors, including significant impact from a hurled solid object, weather hazards, and others.

Start by assessing the damage, taking note of any broken glass, cracks, or structural issues. This is where you determine the next step, whether the glass can be repaired or should be replaced.

Irrespective of the decision, you’ll need to decide how to clean up the shards and remnants. For this, start by taking safety precautions like wearing gloves and goggles, getting the right cleaning brush and pan, and wearing protective boots or shoes.

It’s also important to keep children or other inhabitants away from the area to prevent accidents and injuries.

Secure the Area and Protect Against Further Damage

With the debris cleaned up and the shards safely removed, go ahead to protect the affected area ahead of your window replacement company’s arrival.

For this part, we recommend wearing thick gloves and using a metal or strong wooden material to remove the glass remnant hanging on to the window.

Proceed to temporarily patch up the affected area using plywood, sturdy board, or other items. You can also use a plastic bag, if available. For the plastic bag, tape the bag in layers over the open and exposed window.

Ensure to dispose of the broken glass shards appropriately to prevent injuries and cuts.

Document the Damage for Insurance Claims

Homeowners with home insurance coverage understand the importance of documenting damages to improve their chances of getting it fixed by their insurance provider.

If you have an insurance cover, ensure to document the damage by taking photographs and videos of the broken window. It can also help to state the day, date, and time you discovered the damage while recording the video. Ensure that all angles of the broken or damaged window are covered in the photographs and videos.

You can also improve your chances of recovering such damages by gathering additional relevant evidence like eyewitness reports and weather reports (for damages caused by hail storms).

Contact a Professional Window Repair Service

Hiring a professional window repair and replacement company can improve your comfort and quality of life following the window damage. It helps if you hire a company that has a dedicated team to work with your insurance provider. Such companies take the stress of insurance claims off of your shoulders and improve the timeframe for project delivery.

To do this, start by researching reputable and trusted companies in your local area. You can ask friends, family members or look online for recommendations. You should also read reviews and check their credentials.

Request window repair or replacement quotes from the companies you’re speaking to and compare the quotes based on price, reputation, and gut feeling. Once you’re happy with a quote, warranty, and promises, speak to the company and discuss when the project will be started. You should also ensure that a detailed contractual agreement is signed between both parties for legal protection.

How to Maintain Your Newly Replaced Window?

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your window regularly, at least twice a year, will keep it looking new. To get the best results, use a mild cleaning solution on a washcloth or microfiber cloth. Ensure that all corners are wiped off and that no moisture residue is left at the end of each cleaning session.

You can choose to DIY this cleaning or contact a professional window cleaner.


Lubricating the moving parts of your window is a great way to keep it working smoothly for years to come. For this, ask a professional for advice on the right lubricant or use a silicone-based lubricant from the local hardware store. Ensure that all important parts are lubricated and that you aren’t adding too much lubricant at any given time. Not only is excessive lubrication a waste, but it can also affect the window’s quality over time.

Inspect for Damage and Wear

Your new window shouldn’t crop up any problems soon. However, staying on top of things by regularly inspecting them and addressing minor problems is best. Look for untacked screws, caulking problems, and others.

Protect Against Harsh Weather

If your previous window was damaged by harsh weather, then it makes sense to invest in weather protection like storm windows, shutters, window films for UV protection, and more.

Speak to your professional window replacement company for options.

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