5 Unknown Ways Of Getting Amazing Flipkart Shopping Discounts


If you love shopping, you would know that Flipkart is the best go-to places for the same. It has a variety of options and so many stores that one gets spoilt for choices. Sometimes, customers shop quite often on this site and tend to look for more discounts.

We are here to tell you how to avail of these discounts for the best buy. There are several hacks that customers are not aware of. These will help the customers to make the best of their deal. Here are a few tips that customers can take advantage of.

1. Click On The Deals Of The Day

The deal of the day redirects customers to the products which have the highest amount of discounts on them. You can set the amount of discount you wish to avail of. There are lightning deals and savings as well.

Flipkart also has something known as a “deal of the day.” Flipkart’s big offer box is available to customers once in a while.

2. Use Subscribe And Save

The subscribe and save feature is a real money saver. A lot of money can be saved on items that customers buy. Things like toiletries, deodorant, home decor are bought quite often by customers.

If you sign up for the recurring shipments, you can avail of considerable discounts. This option needs to be located on the product’s page. Customers are free to browse through various categories and see which products they buy daily.

Usually, customers prefer to buy a bestseller. Bestsellers are recurring purchases, and hence a hefty discount can be availed on them. The customer will have to locate this option on the respective product page.

3. EMI Network Card

The EMI Network Card will help you to shop without much hassle. All the purchases can be financed through this network card. A variety of products like laptop, mobile, day to day products can be availed.

These products are available on the different stores on Flipkart. The price of the same will immediately be converted into EMI. This can be done with the help of the EMI card, which will be available to the customer.

Customers can choose a tenure according to their convenience. This helps the customer in getting some exciting offers on  EMI on debit card Flipkart. This also attracts customers to shop more on Flipkart.

4. Track Product Prices & Buy During Festive Season

Always track the prices of the products. Product prices tend to drop and rise occasionally. You can always use an alert or alarm system to be updated on the various price fluctuations. The history of the product can be seen too.

The product prices fall and rise over days, weeks, and months. There are occasional increases and decreases, which can be tracked and monitored. Chrome also has a browser extension that allows you to track and get alerts for the products in case of any price reduction or price drop.

Products sold during festive seasons tend to be much cheaper than those sold in the other months. People buy most products during the festival. Hence, Flipkart offers a good range of discounts when the festive season is on.

5. Get Coupons And Trade Old Items

Every day there is a new available coupon, which can be availed. Customers need to hit the coupon button. Once that is done, some discount will most definitely be added to your cart.

It is usually a small discount on the products or a substantial discount, depending on the deal for the day. Flipkart coupons can be accessed through their coupon page only. Make sure to use these coupons, especially if you are a regular customer on Flipkart.

Usually, shopping apps or stores like Flipkart have a trade facility. You can check if they trade your old items in exchange for a discount on the products you want to buy. The warehouse will appraise your item before accepting it. Based on this, they will accept or reject your order.

Items like electronics and clothes are acceptable. There will be a list of products on the respective sites to help the customer out. These are a few handy tricks for the customer to avail of a discount from time to time. Make sure you use these to get a good bargain for the products you want to buy.

Big stores like Flipkart want to increase their customer base. They keep on coming up with various offers to help their customers keep shopping with them. Customers must be aware of the different deals that are available for their benefit. These handy tricks might help to make the best deal. Shop now and avail of these massive discounts.

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