What is “Offload Unused Apps” & How to Use it?

If you’re an iOS user then you might have come across a feature called “Offload Unused Apps”. It is found under the Settings > Applications. This is a unique feature offered by the iOS platform and it is available for each 3rd party application installed on the mobile phone.

If you’re looking to find what is Offload Unused Apps then here you are at the right place as in this article we will be discussing regarding the Offload Unused Apps feature of the iOS. Read the complete article to know more about this.

Offload Unused Apps
Offload Unused Apps

What is Offload Unused Apps?

As the name suggests that it can be used for applications which are not is use. Offload means removing the application from the device. There is a difference between Uninstalling the application completely and Offload. As when you do Offload Unused Apps then it will not delete the application data from your mobile phone and will remove the application from the device.

Offload Unused Apps can be used for any third party installed the application on the iOS device. For example, if you want to Offload Facebook then the only Facebook application would be removed from your device and all the data of Facebook application will still remain on the mobile phone.

And if you reinstall the Facebook application then all the previous settings of Facebook will be restored as like the previous. Same goes with all applications which you offload from the device.

So, basically, if you are going to delete an application temporary then it is recommended to Offload the Application which will restore the data when you reinstall the app. But, if you want to delete an application permanently along with the data then you should Uninstall the app from your device.

Which Apps Can be Offload?

If you are thinking to Offload an inbuilt application then it won’t be possible as you can Offload only those applications which you have installed from third party sources. However, if you are not using an application from a long time then your iPhone will automatically remind you about offloading the particular application.

If your mobile doesn’t remind you about Offload then you can do it manually also from the Application Settings. But keep in mind that pre-installed applications can’t be offload.

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How to Offload Unused Apps?

If you want to Offload an application from your mobile phone manually then it can be done from the Settings section of your mobile phone. Follow below mentioned steps to know more.

  • Open Settings on your mobile phone.
  • Now open General Settings.
  • Head to iPhone storage and under the recommendations click on Enable.

That’s all, Now your mobile will remind you whenever you’re not using an application for a long time and then that particular application can be offloaded. However, if you want to Offload an application manually then you can do it from the Applications list and click on the Options then there will be an option of Offload. Click on that and the application will be Offloaded from the device.

How to Reinstall Offload Apps?

If you had offloaded an application mistakenly or you want to reinstall the offloaded application then it can be done easily and you will be able to use the application again. If you Offload an application then you will see the cloud icon under the application.

To reinstall the offloaded application click on the App which is offloaded, there you will see a circle bar which will tell you how many of the apps have been installed. It may take a while so please have patience.

To offload the app from settings follow below shared steps:

  • Open Settings on your mobile phone.
  • Go to the General section and then open iPhone Storage.
  • Find the application which you had offloaded and then click on that application.
  • Now click on Reinstall.
  • That’s it, Now that particular application will be reinstalled on your mobile.

How to Increase Space by Offloading Unused Apps?

There is a major benefit of offloading applications which is that you can increase the space of your mobile phone by offloading the applications which are not in use. If you are running out of space on your mobile phone and there are applications which you do not use frequently then you can Offload these applications from your mobile and it will free up some space for your mobile

You can reinstall the offloaded application anytime with just one click and all of your previous settings will remain as it is. The only drawback of offloading an application is that you will not be able to use that particular application till the time that is offloaded.

Once you offload an application then your device will automatically show how much of space has been freed by offloading the application.

Final Verdict:

I hope you have got to know each and everything about Offload Unused Apps. In this article, I’ve explained every single thing about the offloading applications from iOS mobiles. Offload Unused Apps can be helpful for you if you are running out of storage on your mobile.

However, if still, you have any query regarding the Offloading Application then please ask your query in the comments section below. We would be happy to hear from you. Also, please do us a favor by sharing this article with your friends using the Social Share buttons given below.

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