How to Fix Instagram Sign Up Blocked Error?

While creating an account on Instagram you may face an error saying Sign Up Blocked. It can happen to you whether you’re using an Android or iOS device and there are various reasons behind the Sign Up Blocked error on Instagram. A popup will appear on your screen saying Sign Up Blocked, Sorry you can’t create a new account.

This happens when you try to create multiple Instagram accounts from one device. Instagram doesn’t allow the creation of multiple accounts by one user. Once you face this error then you won’t be able to create a new account of the Instagram from the application or browser on which you’ve faced the error. That’s why it’s recommended to create only 1-2 accounts of Instagram from one device or application.

However, if you’re a business or need multiple Instagram accounts then here we have brought some tweaks which will help you in creating multiple Instagram accounts from one device. You just have to follow one of the methods shared below.

fix instagram sign up blocked

Fix Instagram Sign Up Blocked Error

Multiple accounts creation isn’t the only reason behind Sign Up Blocked error it can happen due to some other reasons also such as if you are using a VPN to create an account then it may show you Sign Up Blocked error. Instagram blocks the device from creating new accounts to prevent spam and automated bots.

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If you are trying to create an account from the IP Address which is already blocked by the Instagram then also you can face the Sign Up Blocked error. Fixing the Sign Up Blocked error is quite easy you just have to go through the below-mentioned guides to know more.

#Method 1: Change the Browser

The very first and easiest way to fix Sign Up Blocked error is via changing your browser for example if you are getting the Error in Google Chrome browser then you can use some other browser such as Opera or Firefox to create the account and you won’t face the error anymore.

There is a browser called Firefox Focus which is an anonymous browser and Instagram won’t be able to detect you if you use the Firefox Focus. With the help of Firefox Focus browser, you can create multiple Instagram accounts with just one device.

#Method 2: Use VPN

If changing the browser doesn’t work for you then you can use a VPN to fix the error. Just download any Free VPN from the App Store and connect it with any server. Create a new account of Instagram then disconnect the VPN and enjoy.

#Method 3: Change Device

Sometimes Instagram takes strict action and blocks the IMEI Number along with the IP in such case you can’t create an Instagram account from the device on which you are banned no matter which browser you are using. In such a case, you’ve to change the device or use the Desktop for creating the Instagram account. Once you have created the Instagram account on any other device then you can use it on any device whether you’re blocked from creating the account or not.

#Method 4: Incognito Mode

Sometimes using Incognito Mode on the Google Chrome may also work to fix the error. If you are blocked from creating the account on the Instagram application then you can create a new account in the Incognito Mode of the Chrome Browser. It works only when you are blocked from the application, not the browsers.

Final Verdict:

Instagram blocks you from creating an account just because to prevent spam and automated bots. If you are facing Sign Up Blocked error on Instagram then you can use any of the above-shared methods to fix Sign Up Blocked Error.

If you are having a better option to fix this error then please do share it with our readers via the comments section below. Also, do not forget to share it among your friends if it has helped you in any way.

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