How to Fix ‘Checkpoint Required’ Error on Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media application where people love to share their moments, images & videos. There are millions of active users on Instagram every day. You might also be using Instagram on your mobile phone and nowadays Instagram has become much popular among the Youngsters.

If you are an Instagram user then you might have come across an error saying ‘Checkpoint Required’. This error usually occurs when you use any BOT, Fake Likes or Fake Followers websites/applications. Here in this article, we will be discussing that how you can get rid of Instagram’s Checkpoint Required error.

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fix instagram checkpoint required error
Instagram Checkpoint Required

Why Checkpoint Required Error Occurs on Instagram?

Sometimes we use unauthorized applications and enter our Instagram Login credentials on these applications then this error appears. If you have used any application or website which claims to provide Followers or Likes then there are chances that you will end up facing this error.

Whenever your Instagram account has any unauthorized access then you will see a popup on your Instagram application saying that ‘Your account had some unauthorized access’ and it will ask that whether it was accessed by you or someone else.

The main reason for this is to ensure the safety of your Instagram account. It is adviced not to use any unauthorized application or enter your Login credentials of Instagram anywhere. If you have not used any unauthorized application or shared your Instagram credentials and still getting the error then you need to secure your Instagram account.

  • If you have used any application or website which claims to provide free followers or likes then you will get this error.
  • You have entered your Instagram Login details on some third-party application.
  • If your Instagram account is accessed from some other country.

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How to Fix Instagram Checkpoint Required Error

Fixing Checkpoint Required error is not a big deal as this is just a verification whether you are a bot or human. Here are some tips which you need to follow if you don’t want to face this error further.

  • Don’t use any unauthorized application which asks for the Instagram Login credentials.
  • Avoid such applications or websites which claims to provide free followers or likes.
  • Verify your Email Address & Phone Number after creating the account.
  • Don’t use VPN while using your Instagram account.


I hope that you might have got an idea that why Checkpoint Required error appears and How to fix this error. This is not an error, it’s just a verification to secure your Instagram account. If you are having any query related to Instagram then feel free to ask it in the comments section below.

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  1. I have the “followers” app that allows you to see when other Instagram users unfollow you, every time I try to log into this app, ( putting in my username and pass word) it gives me the “checkpoint_required” message, with no their option other than to change my password which I have done but still get the same message.
    Any suggestions?


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